Before this stretch of land became Masons Bend, it was an important piece of history in this area. It’s always been a working river, whose banks were farmed, waters were fished and woods were hunted. Early on it was an important trading center, famed for its pottery and baskets, and eventually this spot (literally) became a powerful location. The quarry located on Masons Bend provided the stone necessary to build the Lake Wylie dam. Tracks allowed carts to truck the raw materials to the build site, and the result brought power and vitalization to the entire area. Today you can still see drill marks in the bare stone, walk along the railroad beds and search for pieces of century-old coal along the river.

Masons Bend is located along the first of 30 miles of designated South Carolina Scenic River that runs from the base of the Lake Wylie Dam to the South Carolina Highway 9 Bridge. This designation recognizes this portion of the river as having outstanding recreational, scenic, and natural assets. There will be miles of trails to explore, including our riverfront trail that is part of the Carolina Thread Trail. The families that live at Masons Bend will have one of the area’s most picturesque backdrops to host get-togethers, connect with friends and family, and ultimately create cherished lifelong memories.